Last week my partner and the founder of CASH Music, Jesse von Doom, announced that he was leaving the c0-executive director position that we’ve shared for the past six years. I’m going to miss Jesse as my day-to-day partner in crime deeply but look forward to continuing to work with him closely as our board chair. I am beyond honored to take on the role of executive director of CASH Music and continue the vital work of empowering artists.

In my first act as the sole ED I’m very excited to say that we’ve launched a brand new CASH Music Family site and have added a great new perk to becoming part of the Family. Starting THIS week we shall be releasing a series of label samplers to our Family members. So far we have samplers confirmed from Sub Pop, Kill Rock Stars, Sacred Bones, Secretly Canadian, Polyvinyl, Relapse, Tender Loving Empire, Hardly Art, and Saddle Creek. We’re working on adding even more to that already stellar list. It’s safe to say as a Family member you should expect to receive AT LEAST 10 free mp3’s a month.

So, let’s review:

For at least $5 a month or $60 a year you can support our efforts to build FREE digital tools & provide educational resources for artists and in return you get:

  1. A vote in the direction of the organization. We’ll send out quarterly surveys so you can help us decide on what we’re building and covering in our educational publication Watt.
  2. Access to a curated feed of music from your favorite labels as well as recommendations from artists like Neko Case, Thurston Moore, The Haxan Cloak, Colin Meloy, Sondre Lerche, and so many more.
  3. Coming soon, a members-only store filled with exclusive merch and music from your favorite artists and labels.

It is a crazy time to be running an arts nonprofit and, frankly, we need your help to continue our work. Nearly everything we believe in is being challenged daily and everyone is distracted by the shifting norms. Ensuring that musicians can sustain & build careers isn’t anywhere near the top of the list of what’s most important to folks. We see it differently. In fact, we’d argue that not only is it important but it’s actually a vital part of the path forward. Musicians power social and political movements. Which means we need to hear their voices right now. Not only that but we need as many different voices as possible. If artists aren’t able to make money from their work then we’re only going to hear from certain kinds of people. That’s not ok and that doesn’t get us the progressive and diverse future that we need. Please consider joining the Family and helping us continue our work.

Thank you!