We fight for musicians.

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization and a new way of empowering artists and evolving past the mechanisms of industry that put musicians last. Artists are leaders and keepers of our culture. Art is our safest space. There are people creating new protections for government, civil society, and the press. Who will fight for artists outside of traditional business structures? We will.

We’ll fight because someone has to. Art is too important to the world around us, too influential on society to leave to industry alone. Music and art help us find a path to walk in the darkness. It unites us in ways that words and numbers alone cannot. Art is one of the first things suppressed by fascists. Supporting artists and shielding their art from governmental and corporate influence is a moral imperative.

Musicians are our partners, not our customers. Our tools will always be open and free to use with no mandatory fees. Whatever we publish serves as education not clickbait. As a nonprofit our responsibility is to serve artists instead of profits, and we can’t be purchased or acquired like so many startups.

We will continue to fight — and that “we” has to be bigger than ever, an inclusive community united by a common mission: sustainable careers for artists.

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization focused on educating & empowering artists & their fans to foster a viable & sustainable future for music. We believe the best way to ensure a sustainable future for music is to invest in its creators.


CASH Music a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Oregon. Being a nonprofit means we have no investors or ownership, so our funding comes from other areas.

Our total 2015 operational budget is $310K USD. Our biggest funder is The Shuttleworth Foundation. Their support comes as part of a fellowship The Shuttleworth Foundation awarded Executive Director Jesse von Doom. We also received income from events and merch sales, public donations, and sponsorship support from MailChimp. Our server costs are donated in-kind by Rackspace and all CDN costs are donated in-kind by Stack Path. We wouldn’t exist without the help of these organizations and many others, so if you have a minute maybe join us in telling them thank you.