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Made for Musicians

People talk about music as a reflection of our world, but we believe it’s so much more. Music is a tool that artists use to help shape culture. We believe musicians’ voices are vital, so we work with them to create tools & knowledge they can use to take control of their own careers.


The idea behind our platform is to connect all the services you already have under one umbrella. Sell digital and physical using your own PayPal account with downloads fulfilled from your Amazon S3 or Google Drive. Do an email for download campaign connected to your MailChimp account. We make it easier to connect all these things and make sure your data is yours — without taking another cut in the middle.

We work directly with artists to add new features to our platform. Here’s some stuff we’ve worked on recently.


Our nonprofit mission is to help build a sustainable future for music. Musicians are our partners, not our customers, and our platform will always be free to use.


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